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I hope you enjoy this, our new on line orchid store, take the links to our catalogue pages, browse through the orchids we have for sale, and buy with ease -  you order from your desk top - we deliver to your door!




More Orchids


In addition to all the popular orchids you can buy through our on line orchid store, we do have a more comprehensive mail order price list which covers our full range of stock plants, please contact us for details.




New Ideas


Orchid Compost

Have you see the latest developments in orchid compost, we are now selling a coconut husk based compost, see our mail order catalog for full details, it may be just what you have been waiting for !




See me out and about


Upcoming shows and events

Over the year you can meet me and buy orchids from me at many different events.


I attend local orchid meeting, giving talks and selling my plants to anyone who cares to come along; as well as being present at some of the larger orchid events.


For a full list of where I will be during the year, see the events pages




We hope you find our website  informative and helpful.



A little about the company.


Ray Creek Orchids is a small firm run by Ray with a little help from his family. Ray is a professional plants-man who has been involved with and growing orchids for many years.
In nineteen ninety-five he started a fulltime business selling orchid plants by mail-order. Since then the business has grown and now supplies a wide range of orchid plants plus a small range of orchid sundries.

The latest addition to the range is Chopped Coconut Husk a relatively new growing medium, for orchids, that has several advantages compared to more traditional materials.

A comprehensive list of orchid varieties is available at any one time. This includes orchid-hybrids and species (botanical) and orchids both as both young plants and near flowering size. The nursery also stocks flowering sized orchids that are suitable as houseplants or gifts for those special occasions. With the latter it is better to contact us by telephone or email so that we can advise on what is available.

Some words from Ray himself

Whilst very few orchids are propagated from scratch I see my roll as searching out good, wholesale supplies from sources world-wide. These plants are first potted, (if necessary) then established and acclimatised to the British climate. This may take from anything from a few weeks to several months depending on the condition they are received in.

I also acts as a quality controller, only buying from suppliers who offer good quality at fair prices.

One of our aims is to make orchids more available and user friendly to beginners and the general public.

All orders for orchid plants are sent out with basic growing instructions plus a little basic cultural information on individual plant labels. Also all plants are supplied established and growing in their pots. This means that they can adapt more easily to your individual growing conditions straight away with no transplant shocks.

We also stock a wide range of the more unusual hybrids and species for those people who want to develop their interest into a full-blown hobby.
It is in our own interests for our customers to succeed. This leads to happy and successful growers who are keen to develop their orchid collections.

If you are not so sure about buying your orchids on line then perhaps you would like to visit one of the events around the country that I attend. These range from full-grown orchid shows to talks to orchid or gardening clubs and societies.

If you would like me to attend your orchid show/event or present a talk to your society please get in touch.

Enjoy navigating my site and if you find yourself tempted to buy then this can be done through the site with payment made by Paypal, Credit or debit card. If you prefer to order by post or by telephone then this is just as welcome. In addition cheques are welcome with orders by post.

Due to the planning restrictions on my property I am sorry not to be able to welcome visitors. However this does have the advantage of letting me pay maximum attention to mail-order.

Due to shipping costs, I do not deliver outside of the United Kingdom, except to an EU address by special arrangement, if you wish a delivery to be made outside of the UK, please contact me for shipping costs.

Chopped Coconut Husk and feed can be supplied to any country but shipping outside the United Kingdom does get very expensive.

Our Moto: - Quality and service for customer satisfaction. Your success is our future.